Updates 2.2.3 2019-12-16

  • Fix tests for R 3.4.0, as class(matrix) is of length 2.

Updates 2.2.2 2019-08-27


Renaming Functions

  • Almost all functions have been renamed to have a consistent appearance and a clearer meaning. The old functions still exist, but are deprecated now.

    Renaming Overview

    Old names | **New names** --------------------- | --------------------- StartGA | **init_population** selection1 | **selection** crossover1 | **crossover** VekWinkelCalc | **get_dist_angles** calculateEn | **calculate_energy** getRects | **get_grids** BaroHoehe | **barometric_height** GridFilter | **grid_area** HexaTex | **hexa_area** InfluPoints | **turbine_influences** genAlgo | **genetic_algorithm** RandomSearch | **random_search** RandomSearchTurb | **random_search_single** RandomSearchPlot | **plot_random_search** leafPlot | **plot_leaflet** heatmapGA | **plot_heatmap** plotbeorwor | **plot_development** plotCloud | **plot_cloud** plotEvolution | **plot_evolution** plotfitnessevolution | **plot_fitness_evolution** plotparkfitness | **plot_parkfitness** plotResult | **plot_result** PlotWindfarmGA | **plot_windfarmGA** plotWindrose | **plot_windrose**

Bugfixes / Other Changes

  • The legend of plot_leaflet now works correctly.

  • Some general linting / spell checking / performance optimization was done.

  • The Weibull Raster (for Austria) are now in a separate Github-repository, instead of being stored in the package as .rda file. I guess this never worked except on my computer.

  • The Corine Land Cover .tif file is also stored in that repository, as the EEA webpage did restrict downloads sometimes, which resulted in an error.

  • The plot_farm_3d function has temporarily been removed from the package, as I was unhappy with the functionality, the installation of rayshader can be tedious and turbine labels can not be displayed very accurately.

  • Most functions that required user-input previously used readline which is now changed to readLines as it allows to read from a file instead. This can be set via options(windfarmGA.connection = file()).

  • A whole lot of tests were written.

Updates 2.2.1 2019-02-18

Performance Tuning / Restructuring

  • Switch to matrices instead of data.frames and a lot of restructuring and performance optimization of the whole algorithm.

Viewshed Analysis

  • New set of functions, to analyze the visual impact of a wind farm.
    • cansee,
    • viewTo,
    • rasterprofile,
    • viewshed,
    • plot_viewshed,
    • interpol_view,
    • getISO3,
    • getDEM

Other Changes

  • The function genAlgo/windfarmGA and the plotting functions now accept SimpleFeature Polygons or coordinates in table format with long, lat or x, y column names. The terrain effect model can now be activated only by setting topograp to TRUE and it will attempt to download the land cover raster from the European Environment Agency website.

  • plot_farm_3d Experimental rayshader function

Updates 1.2.1 2018-03-25


The output of genAlgo or windfarmGA can be further randomized/optimized with the following functions:

  • RandomSearch
  • RandomSearchTurb

RandomSearch is used to randomize all turbines of the layout

RandomSearchTurb is used to randomize a single turbine

RandomSearchPlot is used to plot the output of those functions, comparing them with the original result.